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Caprese the Curious says "Come and play with me! Here are some of my favorite games."

When an alpaca lays down, it's called cushing. Because we are a member of the camelid family, when you watch us cush you will see our back legs fold the opposite way your knees do. But you don't have to be able to cush like me to try these fun games. Give 'em a go!


You start off with a tennis ball and throw the ball continuously back and forth until somebody drops the ball. When someone drops the ball you say "Cush on one knee" then say the same person drops it a second time you would say "Cush on two knees" then if the same person drops the ball again you would say "Cush on one elbow" and again you would say "Cush on two elbows" and then the chin and finally you're out but remember you have to stay in the position you're in to catch the ball and throw the ball.

Alpacas talk by humming. Click the arrow

to hear me HUM then try this fun humming game......

You make a task for a person who has been asked to leave the room. When the person returns everyone hums. When the person gets closer to the area where the task is to be accomplished the humming becomes louder and if she goes away humming becomes quieter

Alpacas are friendly creatures. We just wouldn't be happy alone. Many of us together is a "herd". To play these games, round up the kids in your neighborhood and start your own herd.

One person becomes the HAY - "it" goes and hides. The rest are the herd. They hide their eyes and counts out loud together to 50. Then everyone begins to look for the hay. When you spot the hay, you don't tell anyone. (More food for you!) When no one is looking, you slip in and hide with the hay. Eventually everyone starts to disappear, and the one left notices he's all alone, and probably rather hungry!. The first one to find the hay, gets to hide as the hay in the next round. Imagine 5 or 10 kids all huddled together in a tight spot trying to keep from laughing and being seen. Great fun!

Divide the herd into two groups and designate a home-base to be the "barn". One group is the Alpaca and the other group is the farmers. The alpaca are the hiding group and the farmers are the hunting group. A home base and boundaries must be designated before the game begins. The alpaca elect a herd leader. The whole herd then goes and hides, as a group, they must stay together. (They are friendly and like each other - remember?) The farmers may not look while the alpaca are hiding. The herd leader from the alpaca goes back to the farmers and tells them that the herd is ready. The farmers then hunt for the alpaca, as a group, they must stay together. The herd leader from the alpaca stays with the farmers and when the farmers are not near the alpaca OR the barn, the leader shouts out "Run ALPACA Run!!" The object of the game is for the alpaca to make it back to the barn before the farmers do. If they succeed then they get to be the alpaca again.

The players should be sitting in a circle. One alpaca and one farmer should be in the center of the circle. The farmer will try to sell their alpaca to those in the circle. The farmer will choose one person and ask them, "Will you buy my alpaca?" The players in the circle have to answer "no thank you" with a straight face. Then the seller will say, "My alpaca can do cool things like..." The alpaca has to try and do the things that it's seller says it can do. (ex. tap dance, do a somersault, sing a song...etc.) The players in the circle have to say "no thank you" without laughing. If a person laughs, they become the alpaca, the alpaca becomes the farmer and the farmer gets to join the circle.

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I hope you enjoyed my games. If you are done with them all it's time to cush down for a nap. Do you have any alpaca questions? Write to me at:

Hugs and hummmmmms,

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